Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Bonding

The first time I saw you
oh, you were so tiny
a petite little boy
wet hair plastered to your head
eyes closed tightly
startle response times ten.
You did not like this new
bright world where nothing held you securely.
They whisked you away
as they did then
I had not even touched you yet.

Later, in my room
clean and prettied up
she brought you to me
rolling you down the hall
around a corner
into my room
and parked you just out of my reach.
Once she left
I got out of bed
walked straight to you
my little one.
Reaching in to pick you up
I held you close
Your fussing stopped
as you felt my heartbeat
heard my voice
and felt secure in my arms.
It was then I loved you
relaxed finally
as you fell asleep. 

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