Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Season of Healing (PAD Prompt)

I have come
to a place where
my threat no longer lives.
He is gone.
Forever gone,
ashes buried in the earth.

Still I find
I feel fear
washing over me
threatening to drown
waves surfers wait for
as challenge of their ability.

Depression so dark
it is impossible to see anything
in front of me
and I struggle between
living with it
accepting what he is still
doing to me
even in death
or looking up
toward the peak
seeking hand and toe holds
no matter how small
to grip on
my way back.

I decide to look up
even in the midst of a moonless night
and I reach
feeling for that small but strong
ledge to grab onto
and a toe hold
where I can dig my toes in
and push pull my way up
out of his death grip
moving slowly
with a goal in sight:
the peak of the mountain.

It is an almost impossible climb
from hell's depths
to this season of healing.
I will make it.

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