Sunday, April 15, 2012

Treasures (PAD Prompt)

Under your bed I found
your treasure box.
I sat on the floor
opened the lid to this once cigar box
and for a while
just stared.
All jumbled remembrances like jewels
shone back at me.
Your Batman mask was
most obvious because it took so much room
and lay like a blanket
over other gems that could only peak out
at the light of day.
I remember when you were Batman,
running through the house with your over-sized flashlight,
the cape I made for you,
and of course
Batman Underoos.
I picked up the worn mask and saw the elastic strap
on one side had no silver-colored metal piece that once held
strap to mask.
The mask was more pliable than it should have been, but
you loved it so I was surprised it was not in shreds.
I put the mask down next to me, and reached in for
another treasure of childhood.
A popped green balloon, string still tied tightly.
It had a faded picture of Cookie Monster holding his
ever-present chocolate chip cookie, his food of choice
before they started making Cookie Monster eat broccoli.
This treasure box held jacks and a bouncy ball
of multi-colored stripes.
The jacks, there were only three.
There was a band aid, used, that said "Ouch!"
something he was given by the nurse in the ER
when he slashed open his knee
falling off his first two-wheeler.
There were pennies, twelve of them,
darkened and rough edged,
pennies he'd discovered while out on
pirate adventures looking for gold.
Last of all I picked up the button to
his Oshkosh overalls,
the metal buttons that were at the bib,
the buttons the overall straps attached to.
There is no mistaking those buttons,
the ones that say "Oshkosh B'gosh."
But now he is grown,
my only babe, and his room is empty
except for this treasure in a cigar box.
I put them all back inside and
slid it back under the bed,
where it belonged,
and got back to my dusting.

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  1. Touching...this one tugs at motherly heart-strings! I enjoyed every treasure!