Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hurricane (PAD Prompt)

I kept watch at my bedroom window, looking for signs of wind strength.
The old trees in the park across the street
with their 100 year old
thick trunks limbs
deep roots
will not bend.
Strong winds could break them.
Please don't let them break I whispered.
They are too regal to let them break.
In front and to the side of the house is
a birch tree
with green-yellow leaves
white peeling bark
young and slender.
I watch, waiting to see how far it bends.

Thunder lightening wind rain
all splatter against my window.
It grows darker darker
clouds cannot be picked out in the sky
where everything is gray.
Electrical wires sway violently
the birch begins to bow
lower lower
branches sweep the ground
leaves fly away
dancing in the air
pushed along
sticking to my porch roof
the street below
the windows of the house next door.
The wind is angry now
beating the birch
hoping for submission
but the birch only bows,
takes a breath,
and stands up again.

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