Saturday, April 14, 2012

Doomsday (PAD Prompt)

It's coming.
I can feel it in the air.
Come quickly!
People fear, they live with terror
confusion reigns in their minds.
The L-rd gives strength to His people;
the L-rd blesses His people with peace.
Turmoil is everywhere,
everywhere, signs in
the skies
earth shaken
seas tremble
animals creep into places they should not be
many many die
Storms great and terrible storms
lightening flashes again and again
while thunder roars like a lion.
Waters dry up
they flood
are poisoned
fish float to the top
from some unknown assailant.
The L-rd is the great G-d,
the great King above all gods.
In His hands are the depths of the earth,
and the mountain tops belong to Him.
Planes crash into buildings
Cars and trucks run through walls
and stall in living rooms bedrooms
A night of drinking brings a car full of teens
to speeding crashing flying into the air
landing submerged in waters below.
Freak accident, they say,
but they know.
It's not right.
Something is wrong.
But You are a shield around me,
O L-rd;
You bestow glory upon me and lift up my head...
I lie down and sleep;
I wake again, because the L-rd sustains me.
The world is in ruins
and most don't look up to see
the signs
that doomsday is coming
They take no thought to great salaries for themselves,
yet get rid of people who have served them for years.
It can't be helped,
they rationalize.
We need to make cutbacks
for the sake of the company.
But the people,
the people who worked and spent
can now only worry
about bills
losing their home
what they will eat.
Everything is backwards.
Destruction is coming,
it has been earned.
But let all who take refuge in You be glad,
let them ever sing for joy.
Spread Your protection over them,
that those who love Your Name
may rejoice in You.
The sun explodes with flares and storms
causing disruption
Things in the atmosphere are destroyed
and the sun burns through
causing searing heat
skin too hot and red
cancers spreading from skin to inner organs
causing disfigurement
Mountains throw off their peaks to release
boiling lava that melts or spreads fire to all it touches.
The earth shakes and quivers more,
stronger, and does not stop.
Pictures fall from the walls
glass breaks
splinters get in your feet.
The thief does not care to find a home that is empty
any longer.
Convinced he will never be found,
taking advantage of the fear that pervades every waking moment
he comes in and does as he wishes,
but don't blink or shiver with I am afraid,
or he will shoot you, knife you, tie you up to be tortured to death.
These words are trustworthy and true.
The L-rd, the G-d of the spirits of the prophets
sent His angel to show His servants the things that must take place soon.

Behold, I am coming soon!
I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the First and the Last,
the Beginning and the End.
Yes, I am coming soon.

(Scripture used, in order:

Psalm 29:11
Psalm 95:3-4
Psalm 3:3-4
Psalm 5:11
Revelation 22:6
Revelation 22:12, 20

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