Saturday, April 14, 2012


How I loved, love you both
Sand box in the dining room 
because we had no yard
Such good little ones
you never threw sand
or carelessly made a mess
sweeping up after play
took only a moment
ridding the floor of sand
that hitched a ride on your feet.

Walks to the park
where play included
a prelude
each of you walking
atop the stone wall
one teetering bravely
the other needing my hand
for courage

Then we played
pushing you in the swings
Higher, mommy!
Waiting at the bottom of the slide
sometimes catching you
hands around your waist
I grinned
you giggled and laughed
then ran around to the ladder
to go up down up down up down.

Next station, the climbing place
with platforms
becoming your lookout
a fort
a place where the wind blew at your hair
golden hair red curls
"I am on top of the world!"
each of you shouted
and the wind made your cheeks pink. 

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